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Фітнес та здоровье Здоров’я та фітнес
Розробник: Daryl Sta Ana

Dr Carrot empowers you to living a healthier and better quality of life by equipping you with information through a tech-enabled platform made seamless, fun and engaging.

Dr Carrot is proudly designed and built in Singapore. Incorporating state of the art technology, the team has created a unique kiosk & system that encourages individuals to understand their body composition and to be actively engaged in the learning experience of personal health and wellness while at the same time, to manage their overall health effectively. Much awareness has been raised on healthy living in the recent years. We believe our people should also have direct accessibility to frequent self-operated and user friendly body composition systems.This promotes better understanding to individuals’ on their current body status, reinforcing a stronger need to incorporate a healthier lifestyle and to identify early symptoms of chronic health complications if any, which call for attention to be referred to a health specialist before it is too late.

People are awesome and Dr Carrot is created to serve the very people who represents the cornerstone of our business ecosystem. As the saying goes” Health Is Wealth” and this time it’s more ways than one.